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eBook Safes

Love your Kindle but miss the feel of a real book? Then carry it hidden inside one of my eBook Safes.

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Don't judge me, I still love to read.

Passive Aggressive Notepads

PassiveAggressiveNotepads.com provides a simple solution to life's most annoying problems: pre-printed passive aggressive notes.

Jetsettr luggage 2.0

Jetsettr luggage 2.0 is my line of refurbished travel gear.

Complete The Tweet

A daily writing prompt from @CompleteDaTweet. Like the name says, I start a story on twitter and you finish it. Please include the hashtag #cdat.in your tweet. And if you're inspired to write over 140 characters, include a link.

The Bad Word Of The Day

I rarely curse in real life, but I'm slowly writing a comprehensive dictionary of dirty words at BadWordOfTheDay.com.

Post On Bills

I occasionally write financial advice on currency.

Interrupting Ninja

I wrote the world's most dangerous knock knock joke.
Judge for yourself at InterruptingNinja.com.

All My Life For Sale

I once sold everything I owned on eBay.
For the All My Life For Sale project, I created an online catalogue of all my possessions and put each one up for auction. The goal of the experiment was to examine how identity is shaped by the objects and brands we buy.

Pieces of my life were scattered from North Carolina to South Korea. The project also attracted media attention from as far as Israel.
You can browse through my life and read updates from people that bought a part of me at AllMyLifeForSale.net.
This project was another round of John Freyer's original AllMyLifeForSale.com.


@misquotable - just like all the other quotes on twitter but without the pretension or historical accuracy. Tweet your own with the hashtage #misquote.

Busted Harlot

Busted Harlot is a custom font created for Busted Typewriter. Inspired by Harlow, it was originated by Mark Allen and developed by Bryan Sears.

Firebox Gallery

The Fire Box Gallery was a public art project that exhibited unique works on the streets of NYC. Each piece was left on display until it was adopted by a new patron. Patrons could either keep their new work of art or offer it for resale with half of the amount paid going to the artist.

You've been warned

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