From the Post On Bills series.



From the Post On Bills series.



Curb Your Consumption

This piece from the Post On Bills series appeared in issue #44 of adbusters magazine.

Yes, I realize I’m defacing currency and calling it art. But according to United States Code/Title 18/Part I/Chapter 17/Section 333, as long as I don’t have any intent to render the bills unfit to be reissued, I should be within the bounds of the law.


Red abstracts

A series I did to hang in my old loft.


I once sold everything I owned on eBay.
For the All My Life For Sale project, I created an online catalogue of all my possessions and put each one up for auction. The goal of the experiment was to examine how identity is shaped by the objects and brands we buy.

Pieces of my life were scattered from North Carolina to South Korea. The site also attracted media attention from as far as Israel.
You can browse through my life and read updates from people that bought a part of me at AllMyLifeForSale.net.

And check out John Freyer’s original version at AllMyLifeForSale.com.

Foreign press for AllMyLifeForSale.net